Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 2

Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 2

If you haven't already, take a peek at our previous blog to get caught up with the conversation.

Now...let's get started :)

The first love language we will tackle is acts of service. Think of acts of service as helping someone else, or in this case yourself, do a task that they were meaning to do but haven't gotten to due to a busy schedule or inconvenience. Having a load lifted from their/your back can be a great relief!

To implement this for yourself, take a day's time, jot down all the errands and things you been meaning to finish but haven't yet, and complete them! These things can include taking your jewelry to the jewelers to get polished, cleaning out the microwave, getting your pets groomed, tending to the weeds in your garden, returning that piece of clothing, etc. It can be anything! Something that can be immensely satisfying is deep cleaning your living space. When you're finished, top off your home and space with some lovely roses to add even more brightness and a clean-feel to your home!

After you are down with your day, take some time to sit down and reflect on the load that has been lifted off your shoulders. If acts of service is one of your higher love languages you will feel a great relief and sense of accomplishment. If it's not, it's okay to not feel that way. It's not one of your higher love languages after all.

For our next article we will tackle quality time. In the meantime, enjoy your acts of service that you helped yourself with. And help yourself to some beautiful roses from The Royal Rose.

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